src/xmlpull/XmlUtils.h File Reference

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>
#include "wsdlpull_export.h"

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namespace  XmlUtils


int XmlUtils::parseInt (std::string s, int radix)
std::ostream & XmlUtils::dbsp (std::ostream &str)
std::ostream & XmlUtils::blk (std::ostream &str)
bool WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::fetchUri (std::string uri, std::string &filename)
std::string WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::acceptSecretKey (const std::string &field)
bool WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::getProxy ()
void WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::setProxy (const bool bProxy)
std::string WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::getProxyHost ()
void WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::setProxyHost (const std::string &sProxyHost)
std::string WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::getProxyUser ()
void WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::setProxyUser (const std::string &sProxyUser)
std::string WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::getProxyPass ()
void WSDLPULL_EXPORT XmlUtils::setProxyPass (const std::string &sProxyPass)

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