ConfigFile Member List

This is the complete list of members for ConfigFile, including all inherited members.

add(string key, const T &value, bool store=false)ConfigFile [inline]
add(const T &key, bool store=false)ConfigFile [inline]
ConfigFile(string filename, bool isList=false, string delimiter="=", string comment="##", string sentry="EndConfigFile")ConfigFile
fileConfigFile [protected]
getComment() const ConfigFile [inline]
getDelimiter() const ConfigFile [inline]
getSentry() const ConfigFile [inline]
keyExists(const string &key) const ConfigFile
keyExists(const T &key) const ConfigFile [inline]
listmodeConfigFile [protected]
load(string filename, bool isList=false)ConfigFile
mapci typedefConfigFile [protected]
mapi typedefConfigFile [protected]
myCommentConfigFile [protected]
myContentsConfigFile [protected]
myDelimiterConfigFile [protected]
mySentryConfigFile [protected]
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const ConfigFile &cf)ConfigFile [friend]
operator>>(std::istream &is, ConfigFile &cf)ConfigFile [friend]
read(const string &key) const ConfigFile [inline]
read(const string &key, const T &value) const ConfigFile [inline]
readInto(T &var, const string &key) const ConfigFile [inline]
readInto(T &var, const string &key, const T &value) const ConfigFile [inline]
remove(const string &key)ConfigFile
remove(const T &key)ConfigFile [inline]
setComment(const string &s)ConfigFile [inline]
setDelimiter(const string &s)ConfigFile [inline]
string_as_T(const string &s)ConfigFile [inline, protected, static]
T_as_string(const T &t)ConfigFile [inline, protected, static]
trim(string &s)ConfigFile [protected, static]

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