WsdlPull::Part Member List

This is the complete list of members for WsdlPull::Part, including all inherited members.

Elem enum valueWsdlPull::Part
element() const WsdlPull::Part
name() const WsdlPull::Part [inline]
None enum valueWsdlPull::Part
Part(const std::string &n)WsdlPull::Part [inline]
PartRefType enum nameWsdlPull::Part
refType() const WsdlPull::Part [inline]
schemaId() const WsdlPull::Part [inline]
setPartElement(const Element *e, int schema)WsdlPull::Part
setPartType(int typeId, int schema)WsdlPull::Part
Type enum valueWsdlPull::Part
type() const WsdlPull::Part
~Part()WsdlPull::Part [inline]

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